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I am a hardworking audio journalist with experience in producing radio. While I finish my journalism degree, I am looking to gain experience in the professional industry and gain new skills that I can’t learn in a classroom. I am drawn to broadcast as I have always gravitated to the performance and the presenting forms of media. I believe myself to be an enthusiastic and optimistic worker and I love communicating with people, aspects I believe would help me find success in the broadcast industry.


Can you hear that buzzing? Where is it coming from? What’s up there, in the sky? Is it a bird? A plane?

Drones are becoming increasingly popularised and can be spotted in all sorts of public spaces. From nature reserves to coast lines, it would be unsurprising if you hadn’t spotted one yet.

But has a drone ever flown too close to you, has it ever flown over your house, hovered in your backyard? There are actually rules and regulations put in place by the government to keep you safe from these

Netball in numbers: should netball be included in the Olympics? – The City Journal

With Brisbane securing the 2032 Summer Olympics, netball players across Australia are calling for the sport to be included in the Games.

Netball is an international sport that has over 20 million players in the world, yet it has never been seen at the Summer Games.

In Australia, there are over half a million people who play netball, making it one of the most popular organised sports in the country, beating out disciplines such as field hockey, basketball and gymnastics, all of which are includ

Under Cover: Season 3 Episode 5

Story One:Australia takes pride in their sport and with some of our biggest athletes starting from the age they can hold a ball. But according to a recently published report by Women In Sport, more and more young girls are choosing to drop out of sports and other physical activities around their teenage years. So why teenage girls are becoming more dis-engaged with sports and what we can do to help?
Story Two:A new study has shown how climate change influenced disasters and environmental losses are taking an emotional toll on us. In recent times coral bleaching and flooding have severely impacted our great barrier reef. We explore what all of these recent events and findings mean for us and our beautiful reefs.
Story Three:For some Dungeons and Dragons is just the geeky fantasy game, meant only for society's outcasts and nerds. But for some children, it could be the answer to help them cope and face the day. But one dad from the ACT who’s using this game to help kids with disabilities find a way to cope socially.
Story Four:The AFLW has grown rapidly over its 7-season run, and with that growth comes increasing media pressure. We take a look at how players and media experts are training up this upcoming generation of female athletes.
Story Five:As Melbourne's urban landscape grows, the effects it's having on our environment are devastating. Covering up our trees and vegetation with buildings and cement is creating causing us social and economic disadvantages. We investigate what the ‘heat island effect’ is and how it's affecting the City of Wyndham. Producer: Shantal HaydenAssistant Producer: Paddy Grindlay Presenters: Amy Ross & Freya O’Donnell Reporters: Jordan Zoch and Ethan Dean

Union dubs Qantas apology a 'massive own goal'

The Transport Workers Union has labelled Qantas’ attempt to make good after travel chaos a “massive own goal” which won’t fix the problems plaguing the airline.

The airline announced on Sunday a $50 travel credit for its frequent flyers as part of a formal apology for poor performance.

Transport Workers Union secretary Michael Kaine called the initiative a “massive own goal”, saying it won’t fix the issues of flight delays, cancellations and lost luggage.

“The Qantas management team seems to

Federal Government Throw Support Behind 19th AFL Team In Tassie

The Federal Government may provide funding to build a new stadium in Tasmania should the AFL grant the state a new team license.

Federal Infrastructure Minister Catherine King said the federal government would work to improve infrastructure if there was a 19th team in Tasmania.

"I hope very much that the 19th license happens and we will talk constructively with the Tasmanian Government about the infrastructure needs of the state," she said.

Stay up-to-date on the latest news with the Tasmania

An exploration into TikTok content — The Swanston Gazette

If you are unaware of the global phenomenon that is the mobile app TikTok, then you clearly don’t have access to the internet. TikTok has taken the world by storm! It is a phone app which has over 800 million users and encourages users to produce either 15 or 60 second videos with the intent of going viral. It allows people from all walks of life to express their passion, creativity, humour and knowledge. The app itself is very simple to use, making content creation very easy. There are so many

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